A Cozy Time of Year

October 2017

I absolutely love Autumn!  The crisp, cool air; the colourful leaves that crunch underfoot; the clear blue skies; the cozy cardigans around a bonfire; the warm spiced drinks with pumpkin pie; the cozy times indoors with a good book; the tasty turkeys and spooky Jack 'o Lanterns.  I love it all!

It's the time of year for routine and learning.  It's the time of year for family times together in the evening.  It's the time of year to start new adventures and reflect on what has been accomplished.  It's the time of year for comfort.

I encourage all of our Great Beginnings families to take the time to enjoy this brilliant season full of colour and texture!

  • Go for long walks, admiring the blazing colours of the trees and jumping in giant piles of leaves
  • Collect acorns, foliage, sticks, chestnuts, pebbles and wildflowers, bringing them home to create pieces of artwork for your fridge
  • Take the kids for a hayride complete with hot chocolate or warm apple cider afterwards
  • Go apple picking and carve pumpkins
  • Bake yummy deserts to share at get-togethers with family and friends
  • Have a pizza and movie night, complete with cozy blankets and pillow forts

The options are endless!  Simply enjoy this season with our little ones, because before you know it, they will be grown!  Cherish each moment you have with them and celebrate this season with them to the fullest!


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