Happy Halloween

October 31, 2017

We wish you all a wonderful Halloween with your kiddies!  Such a fun time to dress up and be someone or something else!  A great time to imagine as a family!

My favourite person to dress up as was my childhood hero, Wonder Woman!  She is strong and fierce and fearless!  As a child I wanted to be just like her and to "save the day" as the saying goes; to bring justice and peace to the world and free it from its villains.

My children have been everything from bumble bees to super heroes to cowboys to cartoon characters.  Each year it is such a treat to see their imagination blossom and watch them make believe.  Now that they are in their teens, the wonder continues as they help provide Halloween activities in local community groups.  They still dress up and use their imagination to its fullest!

Remember tonight, to keep a close eye on your little ones as you take them door to door, going to each door with them.  Be sure to put something reflective on them so they show up when cars come your way and always go through their candy, once home, to ensure it is safe to eat!  And most of all...HAVE FUN!

We look forward to hearing all your wonderful Halloween stories when we see you next!


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