It’s Love Month

February 2019

Hello to everyone from all of us here at Great Beginnings.

February is the month of LOVE!  Or at least it has been commercialized that way with Valentines Day falling on February 14th.

A time to spoil your favourite person with tokens of your affection and perform acts of selfless kindness to those around you.  The season where little ones drop paper cards and candies into the friends' baskets at school and the jewelry stores are in full form.  Cupids and hearts appear everywhere with red and pink being the dominant colours for everyone's décor.

We even have a newer Statutory Holiday, Family Day, right around the Valentine season to remind us to take the time to spend with our loved ones.  So, I am here to do just that.  Remind all of you to take a little extra time to spend with the ones you love this month.  And by doing so, may it become a wonderful new routine in your lives.  Slowing down, carving out time, to really spend with each other and grow lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Happy Valentines Day!

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