New Beginnings

April 12, 2017

The Spring Season always reminds me of new beginnings!

It is a season of new growth as we look around at nature.  New buds on the trees, new flowers popping through the water soaked soil, new green grass poking up through brown terrain.  New baby birds peeping from nests high up in the trees, new baby squirrels running about testing out their jumping skills, new babies waddling behind the freshly returned Canadian geese.

The air is crisp with the promise of summer warmth.  The sunny days begin to outweigh the cloudy ones and last a little longer each day.  The world just seems fresh and vibrant and new!  The season lifts our spirits, spurns us on to increased physical activity and outdoor adventure.  Everyone is a little happier, friendlier and spunkier!  Spring is a good, good thing!

I encourage all our Great Beginnings families to enjoy the new beginnings of yet another Spring Season.  Discover the world around you with your little ones.  Explore, invent, play, laugh, discover, run, build!  Go for a bike ride together, fly a kite, play at the park, build a fort, talk a walk in the woods, collect interesting items from nature, go geocaching.  The list of options is endless.

Spring is truly my favourite season of all!

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