February 1, 2018

Great Beginnings is undergoing some updates this year...2018!  To begin I just wanted to take a moment to share with you our New Logo!  It's bright, it's cheery, it's colourful...We love it!

In an effort to tip our hats to our old logo, you will still see the two silhouettes of one small person and one tall person, symbolizing growth from childhood to adulthood.  Their arms are upstretched to the sky, like the arms of a tree, reaching for their fullest potential in life.

The foliage above them hold symbols representing the many facets we represent at Great Beginnings.  The globes are for the many countries our families are from.  The hearts for the care we provide to those families.  The leaves for the growth and development of our families and their children.  The hands for the explorative nature of the children in our care.  The stars for their incredible imaginations.

I hope you enjoy our New Logo as much as we do!

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