take some time to stop and just be together

Happy March Break to all our Great Beginnings families, and to all families out there in Windsor-Essex County!

What a gift March Break can be if we take some time to stop and just be together as families.  Life is busy, deadlines surround us, schedules prevail, obligations rule.  But, I encourage you, amidst the craziness of life, to take some time to just BE with your kids.

Just read a story together before bed.  Just take a fun nature walk together before supper.  Just colour in a colouring book together.  Just run in a field and fly a homemade kite together.  Just build the highest block tower ever, together.  Just build a blanket fort in the family room and watch a movie together.  Just fill the kitchen sink with bubble water and play with scoops and funnels and turkey basters.  Just use your imaginations...Together!  Together is the operative word.  To stop the clock and just Be together is precious.

Our children grow up way too fast.  Mine are now 17 and 16!  I have enjoyed every moment together with them.  But there are times I long for the early years, filled with wonder and exploration and fun and curiousity.  Before you know it, they will be going off to college.  So I encourage you...I implore you...to take some time to stop and just be together.  You won't regret it.

Can't wait to hear what adventures you have together, next week!


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