Dandelion Painting

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July 11, 2017

**Children's names changed to protect privacy**

With the changing of the seasons, the children were very observant with the new things that Mother Nature brought us.  The sun, the rain, the leaves growing on the trees.  This also included the brightly coloured flowers called dandelions.

Greta asked, "Can I pick some for my mom?"

Brian told me, "They are bright yellow like the sun!"

With the children very interested in the flowers I gave them the opportunity to use them in a unique way.  I picked a bunch of them and set up an activity for the children to do.  This included three bright colours of paint, blank paper and the dandelions.  Very simple, but taking advantage of the children's natural curiousity and allowing the children to use their interests to inspire their imagination.  The children were very excited when they saw this.

They smelled, touched and examined the flowers.  I asked the children, "What can you do with these materials?  What do you think would happen if you put the flowers in the paint?"  With smiles on their faces, they all quickly grabbed the flowers and began to use them as paint brushes.  Nellie said, "Look!!!  It's a paint brush!"

The children used the different coloured paints, all the parts of the flowers, including the leaves, stem and tops, and created unique pictures that we then posted around the classroom.

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