A Boy and His Ice Cream

March 22, 2017  

While working at the play dough station a Boy started to make what appeared to be an ice cream, but for confirmation the Educator asked the Boy what he had made.

The Boy looked at the Educator, with a smile, and responded, “ICE CREAM!” with a voice full of excitement.

The Boy started to add what looked to be layers upon layers of ice cream.  He then labelled each flavour of ice cream.  He started at the bottom and said, “Apple,” then pointed to the next layer and said, “Cheese,” and continued to the final layer and said, “Strawberry.”  He started to form a small ball in his hands and said, “A cherry,” as he placed it on the top of the ice cream. 

After he placed the cherry on top he lifted the ice cream play dough towards his mouth and pretended that he was licking the ice cream.  He then turned to the Educator and said, “YUM!!!  It’s chocolate.”

When he was done pretending to eat the ice cream he said, “All gone,” and squished the play dough down.





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