Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2017

During our St Patrick’s Day Party, three boys are seated at the craft table.  Boy A sees the box of Fruit Loops and inquires of the Provider, “Why do you have that cereal?”

“For craft,” answers Boy B.

After listening to the directions, the boys start making their necklaces.  The conversation went as follows:

Boy C:  “I’m trying to get them on the string.”

Boy B:  “I put the string in the hole and it works!”

Boy C:  “This is the one I wanted to do!  It’s really yummy!”

Boy A:  “I’ll eat them at my house.”

Boy C:  “I like eating Fruit Loops, they have fruit and vitamins."

Boy A:  “No, they don’t have vitamins."

“Sometimes people have cereal for breakfast, what did my friends have for breakfast today?” asks the Provider.

Boy B:  “I had Cheerios.”

Boy C:  “I had eggs and toast.”

Boy A:  “I had oatmeal.”

Girl A (passing by):  “I had a bagel with cream cheese.”

Boy C:  “I had cream cheese on my toast.”

Once the craft was completed, the boys went off to play.


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