Making Bird Feeders

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May 15, 2017

The Provider opened the patio doors and Girl A said, "I hear a bird!"

Boy A said, "I hear that sound again!"  The Provider responded with, "Why don't we try to make a bird feeder for the birds?"  Boy A said, "That will be good, they are hungry!

The Provider asked, "What could we feed them?"  Girl A said that sometimes birds eat peanut butter, seeds and corn.  The Provider went and brought out the peanut butter and bird seed.

Girl A asked, "Is it frozen corn?  I am smelling it!"  Boy A asked, "Can I smell it?"  Then Boy A said, "The feeder looks like a cup," and Girl A said, "Mine looks like a bell!"

The Provider handed out the peanut butter with spreaders, which the two children spread over the feeders.  Boy A said, "It's ok if it goes on our fingers, we can lick it off!"  He then said, "We can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us to eat.  Girl A asked of the Provider, "Do you have some ham to put out for the birds?"  The Provider said, "No, but let's sprinkle some bird seed on top of the peanut butter.

Girl A asked, "Can we eat these seeds?"  Boy A told Girl A and the Provider that robins don't have teeth, they just swallow.  Girl A asked, "Can I take this home and put it in my bird tree?"


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