Taste the Rainbow

April 12, 2017 - School Age Room (Ages 6-12 years)

We had fun with Skittles...Taste the Rainbow!

We decided to share our Skittles equally among friends.  One child asked, "How many Skittles will there be of each colour?  Will they be equal?"

The Educator asked the children to sort each colour in to separate cups.  Another child counted the orange Skittles and said, "I can count by 2's," and he counted 42 orange Skittles.

The children proceeded to sort and count all the colours.  We ended up with 42 orange, 26 red, 33 yellow, 38 green and 44 purple.

Once all were counted, another child said, "We can do greatest to least," and they arranged the cups as such.

"We have 16 children," said another child as she added 16+16=32.  "That means we only get one red Skittle each!"

We then sorted the Skittles out equally into 16 cups, with a few left over for another day, and the children enjoyed their Skittles treat!

It was so wonderful to see the children working together using their math skills to share equally.  There are teachable moments everywhere!  Learning can happen anytime!

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