We Love Our New Playground

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AUGUST 1, 2018

To: Everyone

From: The Toddler Room

We absolutely love our new playground!

It was so exciting to watch the work being done from outside our classroom windows. We couldn't stop watching everything change before our eyes. So much so that our Educators had to turn the tables and chairs in a direction so that we could keep watching during our snack and lunch times.

Each day a new element was installed. We saw bobcat tractors and tools, concrete being poured and wooden logs being carried on cranes. The workmen had on their work boots and work hats and it was amazing to watch them sling their hammers high above their heads and rev up their chainsaws!

We learned so many new words as our Educators told us what everything was. Some of us older toddlers were able to string a few words together to ask questions to get the information we needed to understand the transformation happening in front of us. When we did pull ourselves away from the windows to play, we began to use our toys as the workmen did, pretending to build right in our classroom. Our Educators are so great...they provided for us digger trucks and tractors, tools and hard hats, rocks and bark and grass, blocks and bricks, for us to pretend to building our very own playgrounds in our sensory bin! Thanks Educators...we love you for that!

Then, the day came for us to go out on the playground and try it out! It was really done and we really loved our first time down the slide and through the tunnel. Our first run through the play hut and bang on the drums. Our first ride on the log bus and roll down the hill. We can't wait to have a picnic on our new tree fort deck!

Soon, we will have new Infant Room and we are looking forward to showing all the new babies how to use our new playground...We are the big kids after all, and we have to show them the ropes! They are going to love it just like we do!

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